Steel vs. Aluminum Dump Trucks: Which is Your Best Fit?



If you’re planning to purchase a Dump Truck, you’ll need to pick between an aluminum and a steel body type. In order to make the wisest decision, there are some important factors to consider.   Here are things to keep in mind:


What are You Using the Dump Truck For?

Think about what you plan to use your Dump Truck to do.  What size loads do you intend to carry?  What type of material will you haul?  While an aluminum Dump Truck will definitely suffice for modest loads of gravel or dirt, if you loads will consist of heavy metals, you may need to bump up to a steel Dump Truck since steel constructed trucks are able to carry maximum weights.

Aluminum Dump Trucks require their loads to be more protected because aluminum is not as strong as steel and therefore loads can get damaged more easily.  If the items you’ll be carrying don’t need to be protected or can be protected without much inconvenience or expense, aluminum is still a viable option.

Aluminum is much more expensive to repair than steel is.  If you expect the loads you’ll be carrying stand a good chance of damaging the truck body and bed, to with steel so it will hold up.


Advantages of Aluminum

Since steel is heavier than aluminum, it takes more fuel to drive a steel Dump Truck than it does an aluminum one.  Aluminum is also more aesthetic in that it doesn’t rust or turn.  Aluminum is also easier to keep clean.

While aluminum Dump Trucks are more expensive than steel ones, the offset of the price can be justified by the fact that aluminum trucks bring a higher resale value.

There are times when an aluminum Dump Truck is not only the best option, it’s the only viable one.  If you are up-fitting a ¾ ton truck, it’s likely to be the only way to go since steel would be too heavy.



Is Steel Your Solid Solution?

If you are carrying supplies for an oil rig or other materials that are extremely heavy and bulky, aluminum is not going to suffice.  You will need the heavy-duty option of a steel body.  To attempt otherwise would cost too much in body repair and would be too much wear and tear on your truck. 




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